Friday, October 25, 2019

How to save skipped stitches - without unpicking!

I made a little video showing how I save skipped stitches. No need for unpicking, we will rescue these handle connectors anyway =) 

I recommend going to youtube to watch this video. 
It'll give you better quality then the embedded version. 

I've gotten a lot of requests in the past for more video tutorials so I'm trying my hand at making more, I'm brand new at this and the quality is not great but I'm trying and working hard on bettering myself. I hope you'll find this video informative and helpful despite its lack of polish (yes and that goes for both the film work and my horrible gardeners nails!) *lol*

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

How to Sew Rolled Bag Handles - Video Tutorial

Many are unfortunately a little intimidated by the my favourite bag handles, my faux rolled handles that I use on for example my Stockholm Bag and Daytona Bag. Therefore I made a video showing how I make them, hopefully it'll give you the confidence you need to make your own.

These handles are truly great, no need for any interfacing, rope, tubing or similar, just vinyl. They look fantastic and will add such a professional touch to almost any bag!  Attach them by sewing them down with a rectangle directly on the bag like on the stockholm bag, or attach them to handle connectors like on the Daytona.

I recommend going to youtube to watch this video. 
It'll give you better quality then the embedded version. 

I'd love your comments on this video, any and all helpful feedback is most welcome as I'm so new to video making =)

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Happy 4th birthday Pink Pony Design!!

I can't believe it's been 4 years! Thank you so very much to each and everyone who's bought one of my patterns, liked my posts, commented on my posts or in any other way cheered me on in this amazing adventure! Your support really means the world to me and I couldn't have done this without you! To celebrate today, I'm offering a 20% discount on ALL MY PATTERNS for 36 hours! 

Use code: BIRTHDAY4

For the next 36 hours (so until 10th of October 11pm GMT and 7pm EST) I'm having a birthday sale, all patterns are 20% off! Just use code: BIRTHDAY4⁣⁣
Contest to win ALL MY PATTERNS is coming up soon⁣ on my Instagram and Facebook (if you win, you'll be refunded anything you've bought during the sale).

I've released 20 patterns in this time, and it all started with my Bring the Basics Bag. ⁣And I have so many more planned!

I hope I have many more years to come of doing what I love most for a living. It's a luxury few are afforded, and I'm grateful every single day. Thank you Erik (my hubby) for your continued support, for you pushing me to take the plunge and actually do publish this pattern and start this journey 4 years ago, I could never have done this without you! All love to you! 

Your bags make me so happy!
Whenever I see a bag you've made from one of my patterns, I do a little happy dance and can't stop smiling for a long time! You all make me so happy! A few of the beauties created by you all over the years: 

By Annette
By Tania Smart

By Terese Lindblad
By Heidi of
By Dee Brasher

By Bags By Bags of Style
And there are so many, many more gorgeous creations, make sure you check out the #pinkponydesign on instagram for more stunning bag inspiration! And then make sure you make use of the discount to get that pattern you've been thinking of ;)

Friday, October 4, 2019

The Pumpcat Tablerunner is here!

The Pumpcat Tablerunner pattern is here! Yay!!
This little cutie was actually just supposed to be a Halloween decoration for myself. But as it started to take shape I realised I had to share it, the pumpcat is too cute not too share! Everyone should have a pumpcat! The pattern is available for free in my Facebook group  until halloween if you wish to join, but it's of course also available for purchase on my website.

This pattern comes with both inch and centimeter measurements and is available in English and Swedish.  

The adorable little Pumpcat is hiding out amongst the pumpkins on this sweet little tablerunner. It's raw edge appliqué, a perfect scrap buster with a flanged scrappy binding. Super fun to make and perfect as a table runner or why not a wall hanging for fall and halloween?

I freemotion quilted the background with loops in a light green thread to sort of imitate the pumpkins wines. 

And how awesome aren't scrappy bindings? Not just a great way to scrap bust, but also sooo visually interesting and beautiful! 

This is an excellent pattern for the beginner quilter, the appliqué process is described and it should be easy to follow even for the novice quilt maker. However it assumes knowledge of doing a normal binding, but the scrappy flanged binding is described in detail. 

Monday, September 30, 2019

Singapore Sling Bag Pattern Discount!

Seriously, everyone should have a bag they love as much as I love this Singapore Sling Bag😍 ⁣⁣⁣

So until the end of October 3rd, you can get the Singapore Sling Bag pattern with 15% discount on my website. Just use the code "SING". ⁣⁣⁣Shop now here:
I seriously love this Singapore Sling Bag so ridiculously much, I wear it almost every day! It matches just PERFECTLY with my watch, and I love that! 

I need to make myself a few more in different colors, so I don't wear this one through in a year *lol*

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Fabric folding and storage

I have this obsession to when it comes to organizing and storing my cotton fabrics. I need to se them all at a glance and I love having them in rainbow order. So I made a little video showing how I fold and store my fabrics.

I recommend clicking the link and viewing it on YouTube directly though:

I store most of my cotton fabric in an IKEA "Billy bookcase" with "Oxberg glass panel doors", to prevent the fabrics getting so dusty - while still allowing a nice overview. I try to sort by color for that pretty rainbow effect. But it's not always possible, some fabric just doesn't "read" like a single color, so those I have at the bottom there in the "messy and yardage section" *lol*

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Made myself another Hollywood Handbag

I love this design so much! Such a convenient little bag, I just had to make another one. This one is made of a pillow case (the flap, more on that further down in this post) and some wax tablecloth (purple exterior) and I'm so happy with it! The Hollywood Handbag pattern is available here.

I love that all my stuff is safe when I'm out and about thanks to the double closures, twist lock and zippers!

Feel free to laugh with me at the fact that I chose silver zipper pulls, sewed up the zippers and then it turned out I had no more silver D-rings or swivel snap hooks! So the exterior of the bag is antique brass, while the interior under the flap is silver *lol* But at least that made it possible for me to use my adorable little flamingo charm I got from by dear friend Anki.

I chose a turquoise lining to match the flap.

I freemotion quilted one piece of the exterior with cute little monstera leaves, thinking I'd use it on the outside, but once the bag started coming together it didn't look quite as good as I'd hoped...  So I used them on the side that's folded in instead as can be seen in the two open photos here. The quilting came out nice though.

The back is plain.

The fabric I used for the flap was from two pillows I bought back in June last year. The print was irresistible (I just love monsteras and orchids) and just begged to be made into bags!

This was one of the last pieces, as I also made a Daytona Bag from them, that I realize i totally have forgotten to show here on the blog! Shame on me, so here it is.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hollywood Handbag - Pattern Release!

Now this bag, this bag is the bag of bags! The perfect bag for me! I love it sooo much! It's safe thanks to the two closures - zippers and flap! It is such a fun and quick sew! The folded in half design is quite unique and really does turn a few heads. Depending on the size you chose, it can be the the perfect everyday handbag if you sew the large version, big enough for all the necessities. Or you can choose the smaller size, perfect for a night on the town or as a wallet replacement. 

The Hollywood Handbag pattern has both INCH and CENTIMETER measurements and is available in both English and Swedish HERE.

Get it at a discount!
This bag also marks the start of my Facebook Group "Sewing Pink Pony Patterns"! *insert cheers and happy dance here* If you join now, as a member of the group you'll get 20% discount on the Hollywood Handbag pattern for a week!! So make sure you grab it before the 25th of July. All members also have a permanent 10% discount on all my patterns, so make sure you join for all the latest announcements, previews, and to share your own Pink Pony Design makes!

The little handle on the top is surprisingly convenient. I grab it every time I use my bags, so it's not just decoration. This is the small size, the perfect wallet replacement (why not add a few credit card pockets to the lining?) or as a party bag when you only need the little things. Both bags are made in Tula Pink fabric, the flaps are "Disco Kitty" in different colors and I used the "Cat Eyes" for the lining matched with a vinyl on the large bag, and a Tula Pink Solid cotton fabric for the small bag. And the beautiful purse locks are from Emmaline Bags.

The Hollywood Handbag like all my bags is fully lined. It is also the perfect excuse to use one of those beautiful, fancy bag locks you've been saving for that perfect project! Just look at all the different, pretty ones on my testers bags further down.

It has interior slip pockets in each zippered compartment.

The back is smooth.

You can see more photos of the large bag in my previous post. But here's a few size comparisons.

Finished size small bag: ~6 ¾” (17cm) high, ~9 ¼” (24cm) wide and ~¾” (2cm) deep at the base. 
Finished size large bag: ~8 ¾” (22cm) high, ~9 ¼” (24cm) wide and ~¾” (2cm) deep at the base. 


~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~ 

As always, this pattern wouldn't be a reality without my amazing pattern testers making sure everything is absolutely perfect before the release! And every time I think they've outdone themselves with their work, but this time, they've really all blown my mind with their BEAUTIFUL work!
Thank you all for helping me!  Here are their gorgeous bags.

Anette - Made this drop dead gorgeous all cotton version, look at those contrast stitches! So beautiful! 

Annette - made this absolutely amazing, neon - rainbow version that is just breath taking, so stunning!

Michelle of MEW Designs Australia - whom can be found here on Instagram and here on Facebook made this stunning, and very high end looking black and plaid version.

Doris Lövgren - whom can be found here on Instagram made this stunning faux leather one, just beautiful! And those home made chains straps just adds a whole new level to the design!

Cheryl Wright Simmerman - of Adarra Handmade made this beauiful cork one

Kristin - whom can be found here on Instagram made an absolutely stunning linnen and vinyl version! She also made a leather strap so she can change according to preference.

Margareth Tai - Bags by Mags can be found here on Instagram, made this super cute and happy cotton version.

Marita Tjulander - of Valsanhäxan Syr/Quiltar made a so lovely, classic vinyl and cotton version.
Pia Jestin - whom can be found here on Instagram made a beautiful vinyl and cotton version. So beautiful with the patterned vinyl and soft flowers!

I hope you'll have much fun sewing your Hollywood Handbag, and please do join the Facebook group and share your makes!