Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sewing with Glitter Vinyl - Tips and Tricks

I thought I’d take this opportunity to just mention a few things regarding working with heavy vinyls such as the glitter one used for the white bag in my previous post. There's quite a few things you should know to make it a fun experience.

The first time I used it I hated it, it was so darn hard to work with and I regretted buying so much of it! However, now when I've taken the time to learn how to use it properly, it's such a fun material to work with!

  • It sticks to everything, itself, your sewing machine bed, yes everything! Which is great in some instances but horrible in others. So if you don’t have one already, invest in a teflon baking sheet which you can tape to your sewing machine bed to prevent it from sticking to it, making jump stitches or preventing it from feeding at all when you have to sew with the vinyl down. But try to avoid sewing with the vinyl side down when possible.
  • Use a walking foot In my experience, it’s the best thing when working with these heavy fabrics as the teflon foot just won’t feed all the heavy fabric evenly.  However, some machines can’t keep the presser foot pressure up with the walking foot, if yours is having such tension issues when working with multiple layers of vinyl, try the teflon foot anyway.
  • Use longer stitches This is to prevent perforating the vinyl to much making it brittle and liable to tear under a little pressure (don't ask me how I know!). I sew with at least a 2.5 stitch length, while I’d normally use 2.2 for sewing bags. Also, be careful and don't backstitch if not absolutely necessary as this will also perforate the fabric unnecessarily. Use the "auto lock" or similar thread fastening feature on your machine if you have, if not, becareful and try to backstitch exactly into your previous stitches.
  • Don’t use a leather needle You don’t want to use the leather needle for the same reason, it makes too big holes and makes it more likely to tear. I recommend using a Schmetz topstitch needle as it has a bigger eye so your thread won’t break but it still makes neater holes then the leather needle, while being strong enough being a 90 needle to handle the vinyl.
  • Don’t use pin, use clips When vinyl has been perforated the little hole wont close, so use Wonder Clips instead of pins when working with vinyl. If you can't use clips I usually use a dot or two of glue to hold stuff in place til I can sew it down.
  • Don't iron - glue If you've read some of my patterns you know how I love to use fabric glue to hold stuff in place, when it comes to glitter vinyl, this becomes a necessity as you can't press it. If you want a seam allowance to stay down, glue it in place.

I hope these little tips will make your vinyl sewing experience a bit more pleasant than my first few attempts =)


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