Saturday, October 19, 2013

Modern Baby Boy Quilt - Finish!

My friends are having babies left and right and I get to make a lot of baby quilts which is so much fun! I choose fabrics all from stash for the first time and I couldn't be more excited with the result! I drew the applique myself, I really wanted the first letter of the babys name there but incorporated with a cute dinosaur. This to lighten up the otherwise quite strict and modern feeling quilt. Make it feel more "baby" without drawing away too much attention from the design. The choice of the yellow for the applique came down to the original photo of the eggs that inspired the fabric selection.

I quilted it with a normal meander as I didn't want the quilt to feel stiff from too much quilting. I wanted it snuggly and soft.

The applique is done with the trapunto technique I used in my Summer Squares Quilt. But for this I used a high loft polyester batting for it to make it really pop out, will absolutely use this again for applique, makes it really stand out! =)


  1. The quilt is great! I'm a sucker for squares and you've used it really well. The applique / trapunto signature is great! I love it how you've combined the cute dinosaur with the letter W. You are really talented.

  2. Such a cute baby quilt. Love the colors.

  3. Nämen Bisen, vilken underbar liten figur det ligger i W:et. Han är så pöööt! Hela täcket är så skönt sammansatt av mysiga, lugna färger - en verklig fullträff!

  4. Så jättefin. Vad gulligt med dinosaurien./ Pirjo

  5. That's a very cute boy quilt, Maria! I like how you made it modern but also kept in mind baby with the appliqué. The striped binding really makes it pop!

  6. Bright and fresh! Totally adorable! Well done for pulling it from your stash as well :) That's always a big win


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